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I've Had My Chance, (EP, 2011)

It's Not Wrong It's Just Different

I've Had My Chance
I'm Not Happy-Go-Lucky

It's Not An Ideal World

Being Single

Released on Valentineís Day 2011, this bittersweet batch of romantic yearnings sees Luke fumbling and failing to flirt when it matters; striking a blow for those who arenít calm in a crisis; venturing to venerate the solace of singledom; and wondering where his holiday time went, amongst other hot topics.

Q Review (I've Had My Chance - TRACK OF THE DAY - 31st May 2011!)

So often, the little things in life go unnoticed and unobserved. There's so much we take for granted, so many mundanities of day to day life we automatically absorb without stopping to think about what they actually are and what they mean. Of course, by the time we realise how important these little things are, they're gone. Canterbury's Luke Smith, with his band The Feelings - a name coined way before their atrocious singular namesake blasted their way into mainstream consciousness - is a master of transforming the commonplace and the unremarkable into something stirring and romantic.

Whether it's spending cosy days inside with the curtains shut, ruminating on the smallest insecurity, not wanting to go out to parties anymore or, of course, agonising over the small matter of unrequited love and personal relationships, Smith's incisive lyrics turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, elevating those little things into matters of utmost significance with poetic grace - and just the smallest hint of neurosis.

I've Had My Chance pontificates over the inability to flirt when the opportunity presents itself. Set to a jaunty, jazzy, piano-based upbeat pop tune, Smith's self-deprecating - and very English - observations - "Her heart was there, within my reach / When I just lost the power of speech / Oh any normal bloke would just have pounced / But no - not me!" - are permeated with a wistful melancholy that will strike a chord with anyone who's ever loved and lost (or, in this case, just lost). As much inspired by the poetry of John Betjeman and Brian Patten as the lyrics of Jonathan Richman and Stuart Murdoch, I've Had My Chance shines both lyrically and musically as an ode what could, should and would have been. It rings true with astonishingly humorous and tragic accuracy.




Her heart was there, within my reach,
When I just lost the power of speech.
Oh any normal bloke would just have pounced,
But no - not me!
The fire burned; I couldn't say;
I stood and yearned; she walked away.
I tried, but I failed.
That ship has sailed and now I know -
I've had my chance. I've had my chance.

What happened there? How can it be
Girls have this power over me?
Just when I need to be a man,
That's when I fall apart.
I know that's it now - I'm not blind -
The golden moment's left behind.
It's been and it's gone,
And now I just sit and long and sing this song -
I've had my chance. I've had my chance.

I sit and watch as all my friends
Make meeting girls look so easy,
And I think, 'they must have such thick skin!'...
I know it can't be right,
How I keep love out of sight,
But this fear, that's in here,
Stops me before I begin.

I can't explain - don't ask me please -
Why I miss opportunities,
Or who am I to waste life so,
Just 'cos I can't be brave?
It's more than likely, I dare say,
My chances might dry up one day,
And who will I blame?
As I sit and sing again the same refrain -
I've had my chance. I've had my chance.
I've had my chance.


When things go wrong I donít just laugh it off; I cry.
I get so flustered every time plans go awry.
When life gets harsh and gritty, and fails to go my way,
I donít say anything witty, and I donít act all blasť;
And people make me so mad when they say ďchill out man!Ē
No Iím not happy-go-luckyÖ pardon me for giving a damn.
No Iím not happy-go-lucky, and I wonít pretend I am.

If something left an old friend all screwed up and stressed
Iíd never say ďmaybe itís all been for the bestĒ;
I wouldnít use my charm just to keep things loose and light,
I wouldnít say ďkeep calmĒ Ė Iíd say ďgod, thatís crap, youíre right!Ē
ĎCos a man must have his anger; itís a part of being real.
No Iím not happy-go-lucky, and Iím not ashamed to feel.
No Iím not happy-go-lucky; that was never part of the deal.

And I never trust it when people act all grown-up,
When they shrug and spout wise words as dreams fall through.
I just donít get these types who act like things donít matter
When they absolutely do.

I canít leave a problem even once itís solved;
I get so caught up with the principles involved,
And the more Iím made to feel like I should hide my heavy side,
The more stand up for it; itís become a source of pride
Itís not that I want trouble; And Iím not out for a fight
Iím just not happy go lucky; thatís the crux of my whole plight
Iíve never been happy go lucky. I was born wound up this tight.

And so it goes Iím never smooth or smart or cool.
I need to treat things like they count, however small,
íCos that light touch, that bright touch, so many seem to prize,
Itís just a million miles from what seems human to my eyes.
I care what people think, but I canít change just to please.
No Iím not happy go lucky; I canít act like lifeís a breeze.
No Iím not happy go lucky, and Iím not afraid who sees.


Holiday, where did you go?
I just donít know. You flew away so.
Holiday, you went away so quickly!
You never go slow.
Fleetingly, you were with me
It felt so good, but then suddenly,
You were gone, and it felt so wrongÖ
Oh holiday, holiday, hear my song!

Time flies when youíre having fun,
So why does it drag when youíre down?
I want to know.
Time flies when youíre having fun,
Oh holiday, I miss you so.

Yesterday, you were mine
To waste away - there was plenty of time.
Couldnít last, you went so fast - no warning,
Not even a sign.

Back to work tomorrow, just hours away now...
How I ever faced it, I donít know.
Back to work tomorrow, so cold and grey nowÖ
Oh what Iíd give, just to live
That single week once more.
Itís not much to ask for,
Oh Ė holiday please donít go!

Holiday, why oh why
Must it be, you always fly by?!
Eight hours flat, and thatíll be that,
Oh and nothing makes it easy;
Nothing makes it feel right.
I want to cry Iíll try to be strong.
Goodbye for now holiday; the end draws near.
See you again this time next year,
If I can last out that long.


Itís not an ideal world,
And itís no good expecting it to be.
We donít live in an ideal world.
Itís not an ideal world,
And Iíve come to embrace that fact,
íCos what good is good,
With no bad to hide away from?
What good is good,
If itís all youíve ever had?
What good is good,
With no bad to hide away from?
What good is good if thereís no bad?

Itís not a perfect place,
But who wants perfection I say?
Trouble and strife are all part of the life I love.
Weíre not a perfect race,
But somehow I like it that way,
íCos what fun is fun,
With no sorrow to contend with?
What fun is fun,
If itís always in the air?
What fun is fun,
With no sorrow to contend with?
What fun is fun if itís always there?

Itís not a new approach to life, Iím sure,
But itís the one I apply,
To every day that goes by.
I just want reality Ė nothing moreÖ
Itís far from perfect, but then, so am I.

Itís not an ideal world, but I still love it so.
Iíll take the pleasure with the pain, again and again.
Itís not an ideal world. It stopped being one long ago.
We canít retrieve it, so letís leave it,
And what will be will be.
Itís not an ideal world, and thatís fine with me.


Oh isnít it great being single? -
Free to be just as mad or as sad as we choose.
Oh isnít it great being single? -
Nothing special to love; no-one precious to lose.
Well Iím my own boss and thatís just so appealing.
I spend my time based on how Iím feeling.
I can run wild if I want to you see?
But just to have the optionís quite enough for me.

Oh isnít it great being single? -
Me I really donít envy that lot over thereÖ
They probíly canít even remember
What a thrill life can be when you donít have to care.
Thereís a void, thereís a hole here but why rush to fill it?
ĎCos thereís such soul here and love just might kill it.
Oh what a life with no reason or rhyme!
Itís great being single.
Well, most of the time.

When Iím lost, when Iím low, when Iím mixed up,
What Iím told I most need is a girl.
But thatís the key time I need me time, canít they see?
Lifeís free when youíve no special one to be with;
The pressureís all off to be fun to be with.
Oh itís true, itís a gift, just to dream my own dreams; just to drift.
Iím not lonely or wondering Ďif onlyÖí Iím so glad itís just me!

Oh isnít it great being single? -
Every dayís an adventure that leads who knows where.
I make plans, I break plans, I mingle.
I can give my heart freely and not feel unfair.
No-one turns to me saying ďSo hey thenÖĒ
ďWhatís the big plan? - Whatís on for today then?Ē
Iím free to chase whims with no need to confer;
To spend the day with him and then go home with her
Oh isnít it great being single?
I donít get why most people are so down on it.
Itís such a key part of lifeís journey.
When they tear off and pair off, they miss this whole bit!
All too soon love could creep in and claim us,
And weíll hark back to when life was so aimless.
So letís admit now while still in this zone:-
Itís great being single. Itís great being single.
Itís not compromise. Itís not second prize.
Itís a dream all its own.

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