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It Hurts To Care (EP, 2009)

It's Not Wrong It's Just Different

1. It Hurts To Care

2. I’ve Got To Be In Control

3. The Girlfriend Boyfriend Song

4. Out With The Old, In with The New

5. She’s Different On Her Own

One of two EPs recorded between the winter of 2008 and the summer of 2009, this passionate parcel of pensive pop melodramas sees Luke fleeing the daunting march of progress, privately fretting about first love (again), and railing against teamwork, amongst other epic concerns.






Wherever I go, whatever I touch
It’s agony if I love it too much
I give it my soul, I take it to heart
It eats me whole then tears me apart
“Just open up”, they say, “It’s really nice”

I give it a go, I pay the price
I’m reaching out to feel but it’s wild out there
And all the stress is more than I can bear
It hurts to care
It hurts to care



And isn’t it nice to have all these friends?
But oh the strife it never ends
It’s really a scream, I love all the laughs
But I just can’t seem to do it by halves

We’re going deeper now, there’s issues too
Like ‘do it for me, I did it for you’
It’s pained and it’s strained and it’s just not fair
And all in all I’m tragically aware
It hurts to care
It hurts to care



Oh God, I’m falling in love again
I’ll pay for this, I know I will
I tried so hard to hold a bit back
But everyday I’m falling further still

She means too much to me already, I can sense it
’Cos deep inside I’ve got this old familiar ache
All I can do now is hope she’s nervous too now
And grab a thrill before my heart starts to break



Oh, whatever I say, however I act
There’s just no way around the fact
The minute I give my heart to a thing
That’s when the sleepless nights begin

I used to fight the pain but now I don’t
It won’t refrain, I know it won’t
There’s fear and strife to all that’s dear in life I swear
And people who don’t feel it aren’t all there
’Cos it hurts to care
It hurts to care


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I’ve Got To Be In Control

Verse 1

If it goes badly, I’ll quite gladly take the blame,
But if it’s great just let me state I want the glory and the fame.
Hate it or adore it, just don’t make me argue for it.
Is it wrong to need my space to reach my goal?

‘Team work’? - What’s that?
I’ve got to be in control.

Verse 2

Right back at school I hated all that sort of stuff.
Sharing ideas just gave me fears of mine not being heard enough.
Why all these pairs and groups of three?
Why can’t my own work just be me?
They only disagree just when I’m on a roll.

‘Team work’? - What’s that?
I’ve got to be in control.


It’s not that I hate people,
In fact I’m fairly sure I mostly love them
It’s not that I know best,
Or that I’m smarter than the rest,
And I don’t mean to suggest I’m above them.
It’s just a sense of knowing where I’m going,
And a wariness of being led astray
Oh and even when I’m lost I don’t want showing;
I’ll get through it, but I’ll do it my own way.

Verse 3

So now you know, oh please don’t go and say it’s time
To take in hand this stubborn man and make him tow the common line…
I won’t come round; I won’t give in; I won’t compromise one thing.
I must preserve and try to serve what’s in my soul

‘Team work’? - What’s that?
‘Team work’? - What’s that?
‘Team work’? - What’s that?
I’ve got to be in control.
I’ve got to be in control
I’ve got to be in control

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The Girlfriend Boyfriend Song

Boy’s singing section

Please be my girlfriend, and we can walk around together.
Please be my girlfriend, and we can walk around together,
And show off, and show each other show each other off.
I’d love to show you off.

Please say ‘yes’, and we can walk around,
And turn people’s heads around.

Please say ‘yes’ to me,
And we can walk around, and turn their heads around,
‘Cos we’d be really with it.

I know I get really nervous with a girlfriend,
And I feel so intimidated, and claustrophobic,
But I’d look good, and people would say,
“Is that your bit of stuff?”
And I could say,

“Yes, hear comes my girlfriend!
Look at her walk. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

I am her boyfriend – one so lucky to have a girl at all, let alone her”.

Boy’s speaking section

Oh----, I wonder… Could it be?
Do I even stand a chance with her?
Oh I honestly don’t think I can tell anymore

I mean it’s all very well me singing songs about it,
but one of these days I’m gonna have to actually say something,
actually directly to her

Oh I’m just terrified of picking exactly the wrong moment and
blowing the whole thing


What I’d give to know how she sees me…
To be able to hear the little voice inside her head

If only, if only, if only…

Girl’s singing section

Please be my boyfriend
Can’t you hear these words my heart’s softly sighing?

Please be my boyfriend
I know I act all strong and modern
But deep down, I still need you to be the man,
And make the actual move.

Please just ask.
You must have read the signs…
I touch your arm whenever I laugh.

I would say yes to you.
’Cos somehow, even though
You’re not the coolest boy,
I’d be so proud to flaunt you…

I know some times I act all indifferent;
I don’t really even know why I do that.
But when you see me ignoring you,
That’s when I’m most adoring you.
It’s really complicated how girls’ minds work.
I just know I’d love for this to all come out…
So I could say…

Look, here comes my boyfriend.
Separately we’re awkward; together, we’re golden.

I am his girlfriend - one so lucky to have a love at all, let alone this one.

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Out With The Old, In With The New


Verse 1

Out with the old, in with the new.
They want to change everything; the past won’t do.
Out with the old, in with the new, I’m really scared.
They’ll never stop, now they’ve begun.
They’re moving on and up but I’m on the run.


‘That’s enough of that’ they say;
‘It’s all old hat today
And what’s in now – that’ll pass’.
Out with the old, in with the new – nothing lasts.

Verse 2

That’s it for me! I want out!
I’m sick of hearing what the future’s all about.
They never slow down long enough to doubt. I’m really scared.
Tear it all down. They’ve made up their minds.
All just to prove that they can move with the times.


And no one stops to think ‘what for?’ and no one fights it anymore
And no one even seems to know what’s going on.
Out with the old, in with the new – it’s so wrong.


I know it may not be the done thing
To stop and leave this world alone.
But I’m oh so sure of one thing –
It chills me to the bone to see them all just doing what they’re shown and…

Verse 3

…Saying what they’re told. Out with the old…
In with the new – It hurts to see it all unfold.

It’s calculated, and it’s cold
And I’m so scared ‘cos they’re just fixing what’s not broken.
But what can one man do? The mob has spoken.
Let them all surge on ahead. I’d rather stay in bed.
It’s not for me what they’re all trying to do.
They’ve made their choice. They’ll see it through
Now it’s out with the old … In with the new.

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She’s different on her own
When it’s just me and her and she’s not trying to guard her reputation
She’s different on her own
Take away the crowd and all that expectation

They think they know her
Cos she acts like one of them
But when she does it’s maddening to me
She’s scared to cause a stir
But deep inside of her
There’s a girl I love that no-one else can see


She’s different on her own
There’s such a fragile beauty to her that she dares not show them ever
If they could just be shown
They’d all cast her out
And we could both shock them together

I’ve made the break now, and the lads won’t have me back
But now I’m out my confidence has grown
If she’d bail out too I’d catch her
Cos there’s never been one to match her when she’s free
She’s different on her own

Oh I know it must hurt to rile the crowd if you’re as cool as her
(It was different for me; I knew I’d never last)
It’s a brave girl who just quits
When her face actually fits
Cos the tug to stay in favour must be vast

Oh but really what are any of us doing
If just to fit in we conceal the truth we feel?
Somewhere in her
Is there not some hunger brewing
To unfold; to be bold; to be real?...

She’s different on her own
It must be hard to even picture, and I know she’ll just deny it
But the minute we’re alone
There it is once more
That deeper self she keeps so quiet

And I’m just hanging
On her every word and look
And my heart says ‘it’s all worth it just for this’
And I feel right there and then
If she never broke through again
I could build a life on these few hours of bliss


She’s different on her own
And once again I tell myself now, well at least I’ve seen the true her
That’s something to have known
To have been the one
The only one who ever knew her

And yet still through all this I sense it can’t end here
And I dream the day will come she’ll shun the cleek
And on that day, as she casts her fears away
At last the world
Could meet the girl
Of whom I speak

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© 2016 Luke Smith